A Detailed Vessels Database

Vessels Module

Any company can make do simply with a Vessel’s Name and IMO number. But more often than not, that’s not enough. This where our Vessels Module steps in, offering our clients over 150 fields for each Vessel, as well as Attachments for the Vessel’s documents. What’s more, you can choose which fields you want activated, thus customising the Module to your company’s (or department’s) needs.

Our Vessels Module allows users to add information from as simple as GRT, NRT, etc., to as complicated as Multiple Vessel Names depending on the Vessel’s previous ownership. Users can even add Fuel Consumption on a per fuel type and per speed basis.

Of course a good Vessels Module, even if it does allow Vessels to be linked to its Owners (in order to display all Vessels owned by a specific Shipowner) and to its Sister Vessels, is of no use if it is not fully integrated into the system used by users on an everyday basis. Among other features, users can:

  • Link emails to Vessels, so that users can view all emails sent to and received from the Vessel,
  • Link Job Cards to Vessels, so that users can view all Business done with the Vessel, and
  • Upload Vessel Documents with Expiry Dates (this has appropriate notification)

It is a Vessels Module that is PMS (Planned Maintenance Schedule) ready!

Although the system is designed to allow users to enter all the information themselves, the bluVerve system can import/synchronise data from both IHS Fairplay and MIS (Marine Information Services), which is inline with bluVerve’s primary goal: EFFICIENCY!

Feel free to drop us a line and request a demo by sending us an email ito demo@bluverve.com or contact us from here in order to see the full power of the bluVerve system.


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