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Your Maritime Software Company

We at bluVerve specialise in the development of software for the various sectors of the Maritime Industry.

After having researched and used a fair number of applications that are tailored to shipping and para-shipping companies, we found that there is a great need for good software that does what users need it to do. With that in mind, we decided to develop software for shipping companies, tailored to their specific sector of the Maritime Industry. In other words, we provide the employees of our clients with everything they need to perform their day-to-day tasks quickly and efficiently.

Taking into account the fact that people in this industry travel frequently, and that a fair number of companies have offices in more than one city, we decided to develop software that has no installation hassles and is accessible from anywhere. We therefore, created the software as a Web Application, where the only thing a user needs is a browser and their log-in details.

Each of our modules is tailored to the sector of the Maritime Industry for which it is designed, contains more than the required minimum features, and allows the option of adding custom features on a per company basis. This enables each company to customize the software and capitalise on its own competitive advantage.

The goal of bluVerve is to offer software that is clean, simple and easy to use, enabling your users to be effective and efficient in their day-to-day tasks, and provide you and your team with the appropriate tools to enable you to increase your bottom line sustainably.


Why choose us

Our young and passionate team come from both the software and maritime industries. Our experience from some of the world’s leading oil majors, ship owners, ship operators, ship management, port agents, ship brokers and maritime software companies, puts us in a perfect position to be able to bridge these two industries with the best solutions.

Our clients value our flexibility, willingness, transparency and proactive approach in suggesting and providing the right solution for their business.

Our aim is to work closely with our clients as long-term business partners rather than as a simple maritime software solutions provider.

Cloud/Web-based system

Create multiple Companies & Departments

User Roles for control over each field

Access Groups for departmental access

All your needs in one system

Portal for your clients

All your data automatically backed up

Everything you need to go paperless


Management team

Theo Scholiadis (FICS)

Theo Scholiadis (FICS)

Founder, Business Development

Andreas Coulbanis

Andreas Coulbanis

Customer Relations

Andries van Wyk

Andries van Wyk

Design & Technical Development