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logo_byline_200x115Our Company

We at bluVerve specialise in the development of Software for the various sectors of the Maritime Industry.

After having researched and used a fair number of applications that are tailored to Shipping and Para-Shipping Companies, we found that there is a great need for good Software that does what users need it to do. With that in mind, we decided to write Software for Shipping Companies that is tailored to their specific sector of the Maritime Industry. In other words, we provide the employees of the companies with everything they need to perform their day-to-day tasks quickly and efficiently.

Taking into account the fact that people in this industry travel frequently, and that a fair number of companies have offices in more than one city, we decided to write Software that has little or no installation hassles and is accessible from anywhere. We therefore, created the Software as a Web Application, where the only thing a user needs is a browser and his/her log-in details.

Each of our modules is tailored to the sector of the Maritime Industry for which it is designed, containing more than the required minimum features, and also allows the option of adding custom features on a per company basis. This allows each company to customize the software as well as disable features that it does not need.

The goal of bluVerve is not to increase our clients’ bottom line, but to enable our clients’ employees to become more efficient and more productive so that they can increase the bottom line themselves.

Theo Scholiadis Profile PicOur Managing Director

Theo Scholiadis, our Managing Director, graduated from the University of Cape Town (South Africa) with a Bachelor of Business Science (BBusSc), specialising in Computer Science. Having a heritage from the island of Chios (Greece) and a love for ships, he went on to complete a Master of Science (MSc) in Shipping, Trade and Transport at the University of the Aegean in Chios (Greece).

After completing his studies, he started work at Fortune Technologies SA, a Microsoft Gold Partner company that specialises in the development of Software for Owning, Management and Operations Shipping Companies. He was involved in the development of Fortune Technologies’ Crewing and MGA modules, and eventually became lead developer in the Crew Module, consulting for companies globally. Finally, he was given the responsibility of leading the creation and development of the ISM Module.

During his time at Fortune Technologies he attended courses at the Hellenic Management Centre and has subsequently become a Member of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, and the Cape Town Chapter Head. He moved over to N. Cotzias Shipping, where he worked as a Sale & Purchase Broker as well as in the Representations department. When N. Cotzias Shipping merged with Intermodal Shipbrokers, he became Marketing Manager of Cotzias Intermodal, a company of the Intermodal Group of companies that was in charge of finding and representing Port Agents, Towage Operators and other Para-Shipping Companies from around the world and soliciting their services to Owning, Management and Operations Shipping Companies in Greece.

Through his work and contacts in the Maritime Industry, he noticed that most companies complained about the sub-standard quality and difficult use of existing Shipping Software. More importantly, companies complained that Maritime Software was being created by developers that didn’t understand Shipping and did not develop their Software with the daily stresses of the employees in mind. Having worked as an employee in both the Software and Maritime Industries, Theo realised that he was in the perfect position to be able to bridge these two industries.

That is when the idea of bluVerve was conceived; a company that is developed by experts in the Software Industry, with the guidance and know-how of someone who has worked in the Maritime Industry, understands the pressures of an employee in a Shipping Company, and develops software that is easy to use, has exactly what the employees need and helps them become more efficient in their day-to-day tasks.