Advanced Shipping & Trading: Market Report – Week 28 (2020)

10 July 2020

Advanced Shipping & Trading

Market Report

03 – 10 July 2020

Source: Advanced Shipping & Trading

AlDoun Kisen have sold their BWTS fitted Capesize “Graceful Madona” 180/2010 Koyo Mihara, Japan (SS/DD passed) to Singapore based buyers Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS) at a price in the region of USD 20 mill. Similar sale was the “Cape A

Alma Maritime have sold their Capesize “Cape Leonidas” 180/2010 Daehan, Korea (SS/DD 12/2020) to Greek buyers NG Moundreas at a price of USD 18,5 mill. Remind you that last week, the Japanese “Graceful Madonna” 180/2010 Koyo Mihara, Japan was sold at region USD 20 mill basis SS/DD passed and BWTS fitted.
Following the sale of their Kamsarmax “Aquavita Air” 81/2020 Oshima, Japan about a month ago at USD 28,5 mill, Nisshin Shipping have now sold two more sister vessels, hull numbers “Oshima 10940” (new name “Genevan Trader”) & “Oshima 10941” (new name “Lemessos Castle”) which will be delivered in September & December respectively. The buyer’s identity remains undisclosed but the reported price is the same i.e. USD 28,5 mill.



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