Advanced Shipping & Trading: Market Report – Week 44 (2020)

30 October 2020

Advanced Shipping & Trading

Market Report

23 – 30 October 2020

Source: Advanced Shipping & Trading

Greek owners Eastern Mediterranean are behind the purchase of the BWTS fitted Panamax “Crimson Monarch” 77/2014 Imabari, Japan (SS 02/2024, DD 01/2022) from Marubeni Corp. at USD 17,5 mill.

Nautical Bulk have sold their Ultramax “Nautical Georgia” 63/2017 Jiangsu New Hantong, China (SS/DD 07/2022) to undisclosed buyers for USD 17 mill, while Omani buyers Oman Shipping acquired the one year older “GH Citation” & “GH Black Caviar” 63/2016 Guangzhou Huangpu, China (SS/DD 10/2021 & 11/2021 respectively) at the same price. Remind you that a couple of weeks ago, the “SBI Phoenix” & “SBI Samson” 63/2017 Chengxi, China were also sold for USD 17 mill each.



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