An Address Book that Works as a CRM

Address Book

An Address Book shouldn’t just be a place where you store the address or the telephone number or the email of a contact. It should store any important and relevant information about your clients, the people you speak to in those client companies, and most importantly, any relationship between those companies and the work you do for them (or with them).

Our Address Book Module might have started as a simple Address Book, but it now has become a fully-fledged CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System.

Unlike other Address Books, this is Company driven (instead of Contact driven). What this means is that users create a Company, add all relevant information and relate Contacts and Departments to the Company. It allows users to create multiple Departments per Company, and even allows a Department to be assigned to multiple Companies – this is necessary in the Shipping world, where one Operations Department does the work for both the Dry and Tanker companies that might be housed in the same building or even in different cities. On that note, the bluVerve Address Book also allows users to link companies to each as Sister companies or Parent/Subsidiary companies.

OK… yes… that’s nice. But what is it that makes this so special? Well here are some of the more important features of this Module:

  • Users can relate Jobs to a Company, Department or Contact. This means that you can open a Company and see all the business you might have done with them, while still ensuring that users only see the data they are authorised to
  • Users can relate Emails to a Company, Department or Contact. This means that all emails can be organised automatically so that they are where you expect to find them, without the hassle of having to sift through an inbox with 1000+ emails
  • Users can write Visitation Reports for Companies. This will allow users to see what they discussed with a Company when they last spoke, and with whom, while still ensuring that users only see the Reports they are authorised to!
  • Finally, any edit made in any Company, Department or Contact is Logged, allowing users to see what changes have been made and by whom, a feature that is expected for any Audit.

The bottom line is that this Address Book Module allows the users of the bluVerve system to have all the information they need about their clients at their fingertips, as any CRM System should, while ensuring that users receive the one goal that bluVerve strives for: EFFICIENCY!


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