Core Modules

The bluVerve Maritime Software has been designed in a Modular fashion. With the exception of the Administration Module (which is a prerequisite for all Modules), each Module is stand-alone and can work without the others. The modules listed below are the ones that are generic and not limited to a specific sector of the Shipping Industry. These are the Core Modules that a Maritime company will require in order to fully operate one or more of the Industry Modules.

When licenses for more than one module have been purchased, there are features that link the Modules so that our clients can make full use of the relationship between them (for example, users can view all the Messages relating to a Vessel within that Vessel's card). Licenses are purchased on a per user basis, and it is possible for each user to have access to different Modules. In addition, users have specific roles and permissions for the data, allowing them to have a different "view" of the same database, even though they have the same licenses. The Database is populated by the company directly, as well as with data provided by Marine TrafficIHS Fairplay and/or Marine Information Services.

Below are the Core Modules available in the bluVerve Maritime Software. Follow the links for a detailed description of each Module, or email us at to schedule a demo.