MessagingThe Messaging Module manages all the Emails that are sent and received through bluVerve‘s Maritime Software. What separates bluVerve from the other conventional Email clients is that, in addition to the standard features, this module allows for user hierarchies, where some users have to approve a message before it leaves the system.

The Messaging Module comes as part of the Core Modules of the Software, and although not a prerequisite for other modules, it comes standard. It is very closely linked to all of bluVerve‘s modules, allowing Message to be related to tasks that are performed in each module. The other modules that form part of the Core Modules are:

  1. Address Book
  2. Vessels
  3. Administration

With the Messaging Module a user can:

  • Send and Receive Emails
  • Send and Receive Emails from a Departmental email (where the whole Department Sends and Receives Messages from one address)
  • Relate Emails to Companies, Contacts and Departments even though they were not in the recipient list of the Message
  • Relate Emails to Vessels and Tasks/Jobs of other Modules
  • Change View Rights of Emails (and allow users that were not recipients of the Message to view the Message)
  • Restrict users to Viewing or Editing Emails based on their Roles and Permissions (set in the Administration Module)
  • View all outgoing Emails of an address to which the user has View Rights
  • Allow certain users to Approve an Email before it is sent, or even Cancel it
  • Search for Emails using any criteria of the Message
  • Enable or Disable Live Help

This list in not exhaustive.

If you would like to find out more about this and all our modules, feel free to request a demo by sending us an email to or contact us from here, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. References can be provided upon request.