The Crewing Module is a module specialised for Manning Agents and the Crewing Department of Ship-owning and Management companies. It is designed to cover everything that is needed regarding Crew Members, their personal information and their activities in their company. A company simply needs to purchase licenses for its employees and it is ready to work, with no customisation required. It is intended to keep track of everything about a Crew Member, from his clothing size to his remaining shore-leave days (calculated automatically using his sea-days).

With the Crewing Module a user can:

  • Add Crew Members and their personal information
  • View all outstanding items on a Crew Member on a Notifications board (e.g. Documents about to expire)
  • Print Headcount and Activity Reports
  • Keep track of the History of the Crew Member while in the company
  • Keep track of all Documents of a Crew Member and their expiry dates
  • Keep track of Training required for each Crew Member and the renewal dates
  • Link required Training to Documents and Required Documents to Ranks
  • Assign a Crew Member to a Rank
  • Create Voyages for each Vessel, on which Crew Members are assigned
  • View the Crew List of a Voyage or of a Vessel on a specific date
  • View the Crew Members on a specific status (e.g. which Crew Members are on Shore Leave)
  • Enable or Disable Live Help

This list in not exhaustive.

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