Demolition Reports – Week 13 (2019)

3 April 2019

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Take a look below at our Demolition Weekly Market Reports for Week 13 of 2019 (listed alphabetically):

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Athenian Shipbrokers

Week 13 2019 (25th March – 29th March)


After a more active period, recycling seemed to cool down over the previous week. Bangladesh remained the most attractive destination in terms of pricing; however activity is reaching its peak, something India took advantage off along with its positive market fundamentals having that way a satisfying week. Finally, as for Pakistan it was yet another uninspiring week for both fundamentals and…..

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GMS Leadeship

29th March 2018 – Volume 199 Issue 871 – Week 13


After a frantic period of activity through most of March (especially last week, where a healthy collection of fixtures were reported), sales have somewhat slowed this week. Surprisingly, India lost several high profile HKC SoC vessels for green recycling last week, to the only RINA approved yard in Bangladesh. However, given that this yard has taken in its quota, India has managed to get back into the buying this week, with a few interesting (market and private) green recycling sales.

In Gadani, since a majority of the local recycling yards have been painfully empty for some time now, we finally witnessed the Pakistani market waking up (about time!) as appetite seemed to grow this week. As such, even though the price gap remains significant at present, it may not be long before we see Gadani Buyers competing against their Indian counterparts, on standard vessels once again.

Bangladesh remains the point of reference for most of the market tonnage – with rates almost USD 20/LDT above their nearest competitors in Alang. However, as has been expected for some time now, Bangladesh may be due for a breather in the month(s) ahead and we may see the focus start to shift back to the Indian and Pakistani markets once again.

Source: GMS Leadership

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