Demolition Reports – Week 27 (2019)

10 July 2019

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Take a look below at our Demolition Weekly Market Reports for Week 27 of 2019 (listed alphabetically):

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Athenian Shipbrokers

Week 27 2019 (01st July – 05th July)


Last week inactivity was the norm for most of the sub-cont. recycling markets, which are actively going through their monsoon season. In Bangladesh the market is still trying to absorb previous offerings but is not presently accepting new beachings due to the budget which has created uncertainty among buyers. India is also facing problems with great turbulence in its local steel prices and currency. Pakistan is not better off than the rest, it remains inactive and barren since the currency has been hit…..

Source: Athenian ShipBrokers

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GMS Leadeship

05th July 2018 – Volume 203 Issue 885 – Week 27


Inclement weather has put much of the activity in the subcontinent markets on hold this week, as Bangladesh and Pakistan continue to digest and challenge the latest outcome of their respective budgets and India continues to battle the outcome of its volatile steel plate.

However, the facts remain that prices have overall declined by about USD 50/LDT from the peaks seen earlier this year and a far quieter summer / monsoon period is subsequently expected across the subcontinent markets, whilst these new realities sink in.

Meanwhile, the flow of tonnage into the market has also slowed considerably over the summer months and this has allowed a stuffed Bangladeshi market, the time to digest much of the large LDT & expensive tonnage beached here during the first six months of the year, before (hopefully) returning to form in the fourth quarter of this year.

Source: GMS Leadership

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