Demolition Reports – Week 31 (2019)

7 August 2019

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Take a look below at our Demolition Weekly Market Reports for Week 31 of 2019 (listed alphabetically):

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Athenian Shipbrokers

Week 31 2019 (29th July – 02nd August)


Last week, following the last silent weeks of the monsoon season, things have remained calm especially with Eid coming soon. Bangladesh still has many plots filled but no new vessels are being brought in as the recent tariffs imposed are hindering the situation. India is still maintaining its volatility in steel prices and buyers are afraid to attract new units for demolition. Lastly, even though Pakistan has seen some interesting figures, buyers are still hesitant to buy, which has led to a virtually dead…..

Source: Athenian ShipBrokers

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GMS Leadeship

02nd August 2018 – Volume 204 Issue 889 – Week 31


Following significant declines in various fundamentals over the summer / monsoon months at each location, all subcontinent markets are now offering on units, in the mid-to-high USD 300s/LDT.

Indian steel plate prices have been affected the worst, declining by at least USD 55/LDT over the month of July alone and coupled with seasonal elements & subsequently decreasing demand, this has seen levels plummet by about USD 60 – USD 70/LDT, leaving Alang as the lowest of the subcontinent locations.

Indeed, it is proving increasingly difficult to solicit any firm numbers out of any market at present, with Eid holidays just around the corner in Pakistan & Bangladesh and Buyers reticent to quote any firm levels in India for the time-being.

Source: GMS Leadership

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