Demolition Reports – Week 46 (2016)

23 November 2016

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Take a look below at our Demolition Weekly Market Reports for Week 46 (listed alphabetically):


Clarksons Platou

21 November 2016 (Week 46)

Challenging Times!

The recycling market remains uncertain at present with market conditions challenging to say the least following the turmoil thrown at it in the last two weeks. There is still no definite outcome from the various discussions/meetings that have taken place in Pakistan following the tragedy that occurred and, whilst vessels arriving to their waterfront are being allowed to beach, no cutting is currently being permitted and new regulations and conditions are still…..

Source: Clarksons Platou

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GMS Logo

GMS Leadeship

18th November 2016 – Volume 171 Issue 750 – Week 47


The recent dramatic move by Indian Prime Minister Mr. Modi, to tackle black market money, has left the Indian ship-recycling sector reeling this week, with dramatic declines seen in both prices and sentiment.

By taking the most common currency notes (Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000) out of circulation (which have to be banked by November 30th) a cash shortage has emerged in India with long lines at all banks, as the country reaches a crisis…..

Source: GMS Leadership

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