GMS Weekly – Week 17 (2020)

27 April 2020

GMS Leadership

Market Commentary

24 April 2020

Source: GMS Leadership

As the number of Covid-19 cases continues to rise across the globe, the expected / enforced lockdowns across all subcontinent markets have been further extended until May 4th at least.

However, there have reportedly been some small concessions made in India this week, as a select number of local recycling yards that have been actively practicing social distancing and ensuring protective gear is being provided to yard workers, are now being permitted to commence cutting activities slowly and responsibly.

This does not mean that India is open by a long shot as all flights are still grounded, foreigners are denied entry, and any vessels arriving Alang for recycling are not being permitted into port limits, with no boardings, beachings, and deliveries taking place yet.

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