Port Agents

Port AgentsThe Port Agents Module is specific to the Port Agents sector of the Maritime Industry. It is designed in such a way so that everything a Port Agent needs in order to complete a Job is made available to the user. A company simply needs to purchase licenses for its employees and it is ready to work, with no customisation required. It includes fields and features required by Agents for various types of Jobs, some of which include:

  1. Cargo Jobs
  2. Owners Matters
  3. Bunkering
  4. OPLs

With the Port Agents Module a user can:

  • Add Jobs
  • View all Messages sent or received that have been related to a Job (from the Messaging Module)
  • Keep track of all Upcoming, Arrived, Sailed and Completed Jobs through appropriate Whiteboards
  • Keep track of Spares that need to be received and delivered through appropriate Whiteboards
  • Keep track of Crew Changes that need to take place through appropriate Whiteboards
  • Calculate PDAs and FDAs with our DA Calculator (handles multiple currencies)
  • Print Port Documents automatically using the data already entered in the system (no duplicate entries)
  • Send Emails directly from the Port Agents Module with appropriate Documents attached (e.g. BOLs)
  • Create Quotes for Jobs and keep track of success or failure of Quote (with reasons)
  • View all Companies related to a specific Job
  • View all Vessels related to a specific Job
  • Restrict users to Viewing or Editing Jobs based on their Roles and Permissions (set in the Administration Module)
  • Allow the client to customise the Port Agents Module with features and fields of their own choice through the Administration Module
  • Enable or Disable Live Help

This list in not exhaustive.

If you would like to find out more about this and all our modules, feel free to request a demo by sending us an email to demo@bluverve.com or contact us from here, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. References can be provided upon request.