Messaging for Shipping Companies

Messaging ModuleThe biggest frustration any Shipping Company has is managing large volumes of Emails. Not only do they have to deal with the many Emails (sometimes thousands per day) but they also have to deal with Departmental emails (emails sent to a departmental email as opposed to a specific person). This is where bluVerve steps in, assisting its clients in processing and organising these emails for them. As always, we promise efficiency!

Like any other email client,  bluVerve’s Messaging Module sends and receives emails. But that’s where the similarity ends. So where do we add value as a Messaging System?

  • Read By: Our system allows you to see which users have read an email and when.
  • Departmental Emails: Any emails sent to a departmental email address are viewed by all users that have access to this account, without the complications of auto-forwarding emails. In addition, when users send an email from a departmental email they will no longer need to CC the same email back again in order for all users to see it. All outgoing emails are visible to everyone in the department.
  • Relations: Emails can be related to other items, like Jobs, Companies and Vessels, thus allowing users to quickly find the relevant emails related to the selected Item. For example, one could open their Port Agent Job Card and view all emails sent and received regarding that Job.
  • Approval: Emails that need approval before sending can be marked as such, along with the user that needs to approve the email. Until such time as the email is approved by the selected user, the email will not leave the system.

There are plenty more features that exist in our Messaging Module, but a Demo would show off its features a lot better than a blog post. So please email us at or contact us from here to book a Demo.


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