Our Modules

Take a look at everything we specialise in. If we don’t have it, we can build it.



Industry Modules

The industry modules are the specialised modules of our system. These are tailored to specific sectors of the Maritime Industry.

Port Agents

Handles everything a Port Agent needs, with a fully automated Port Cost Calculator. From quoting, to reporting, to FDAs, this module ensures that you know the status of every call in real time.

Port Cost Management

Designed to cover everything a ship operator requires to fully manage and optimise vessel port calls. Includes an automated Port Cost Estimator and easy query system with the agent.

The Heart

Core Modules

The core modules are the heart of our system. These ensure that the industry modules run efficiently, and aid in reporting and statistical analysis our system offers.

Address Book

Efficiently organise your address book by keeping track of Companies you deal with, their Contacts and Departments. Includes CRM features to allow statistics on clients and suppliers.

Email Management

Easily manage and organise your emails into their relevant job cards, vessels, companies or contacts. Includes features to track email status and approval before sending.


Maintain a database of the vessels you operate or are responsible for. Populate the information manually or via third party data providers, with real time AIS tracking and port call statistics.


Roles allow you to manage which fields a user can view or edit. Access Groups allow you to manage which records (e.g. job cards) a user has access to in other departments or companies.