Take Charge of your own Software

Administration ModuleIn developing our Maritime Software, bluVerve has one goal in mind: EFFICIENCY!

Every module, every feature and every improvement of the software strives to make the user’s day-to-day job more efficient, helping him (or her) be more productive and increase the company’s bottom line.

This philosophy is not only applied to what the normal users can see, but also to the functionality available to the administrator of the system. In a few words, it allows the company to take charge of its own software. This is achieved through the Administration Module of the bluVerve Maritime Software.

Some of the options available (among others) are that the Administrator can:

  • Add and Remove Users as needed and set their User Roles
  • Assign licenses to the Users of the company
  • Monitor User Activity
  • Restore Deleted items

And all this without needing to contact bluVerve!

The most notable advantage of this module is that the Administrator can customise the software!

When installing a new software system, the first thing that a client does is to ask for customised fields, tailoring the system to the company’s processes. The bluVerve Maritime Software allows the Administrator to customise all drop-down list boxes in the system, as well as to populate the standard tables that the users will need in their day-to-day operations (e.g. Currencies, Contact Options like work telephone or work email, Departments, Access Rights). More importantly, it allows the Administrator to select the fields that the company needs from a long list of fields. Needless to say, if a required field does not appear in the list, bluVerve will add it to the system and as an option to the fields list.

With the Administration Module the clients are empowered and able to tweak their own system without relying on bluVerve every step of the way, allowing them to take charge of their system and be more independent.

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