The Efficient Port Agent

Port AgentsAnybody can do the job of a Port Agent; but not everybody can do it well and on time, without delaying the vessel. It is not enough to be a good Port Agent. One must be an Efficient Port Agent so that all jobs of the vessel are completed without delay while handling the stresses of the maritime industry.

As we’ve said before in our posts, the bluVerve system strives to provide efficiency to its users, allowing them to complete more work during the same amount of time, as well as at a higher quality. Our clients have all commented on the fact that our system has cut their work time in half, allowing them to go after new work. It allows them to keep all their information in one place, and most importantly, prints all their required documents with all their required information already on them. It goes one step further, fully integrating with the bluVerve email client.

So what is it that makes this Port Agents Module so great?

  • It keeps all the data about a specific job in one place, an electronic “Job File”
  • Users can choose their own Customised Whiteboards, allowing them to view only the information they need to get their job done quickly
  • All past jobs are searchable and accessible, allowing users to find old jobs quickly
  • All emails sent and received regarding the job are linked to the Job File, and can be accessed quickly through the Job File
  • PDAs (Quotes) can be created based on information entered in the Job File (see our post on our DA Calculator)
  • FDAs (Final DAs) can be created based on information entered in the Job File
  • Variances can be calculated between the PDA and FDA, allowing the Port Agent to see where improvements can be made
  • It keeps track of Spares to vessels, from Customs all the way to Delivery to the vessel
  • It keeps track for Crew Changes, from the airline’s “OK to Board” all the way to Signing on the Crewman onboard the vessel
  • It provide customised Reports and Documents, based on the Port Agents business workflow

This list can go on and on, but a Demostration of the system would show the bells and whistles a lot better (email us at or contact us from here)

The bottom line is that our clients are a testament to the fact that the bluVerve system is providing the efficiency it promises to its users, allowing them to become efficient Port Agents.


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