Weekly Market Reports – Week 03 (2019)

21 January 2019

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Take a look below at our Shipbrokers’ Weekly Market Reports for Week 03 of 2019 (listed alphabetically):

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Allied ShipBroking

14th January – 18th January 2019 | Week 03

Market Analysis

The year has not exactly started off on a positive footing, with numerous concerns being voiced amongst most economists as to the health of the global economy and the large number of potential risk present. This week we would add on top of these fears brought about by the recent GDP growth figures announced by China’s National Bureau of Statistics. With China’s Domestic GDP growth marking a figure of 6.4% for the final quarter of 2018, leaving full year growth for 2018 at 6.6%, marking it the lowest rate since 1990 and notably lower than the revised figure of 6.8% posted for 2017. Given these figures, it looks as though the series of fiscal and monetary measures adopted back in July in an effort to stimulate the economy and reverse the slow down, have failed to make a major impact (or at least to the extent that…..

Source: Allied ShipBroking

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Week 03 | 18th January 2018

The Debate Continues

The scrubber debate continues with the same intensity as it did six months ago, although there appear to be fewer announcements for new installations. According to the DNV GL, the number of new bookings for fittings during 2019 decelerated over the past couple of months. It remains to be seen whether this slowdown is attributable to a diminishing appetite for scrubbers or limitations in yard/manufacturing/equipment capacity. On the face it, perhaps the latter is true since the interest in installations over the course of 2020 continues to grow, although absolute numbers are much…..

Source: Gibsons

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Advanced Shipping & Trading

Advanced Shipping & Trading S.A.

WEEK 03 (11th January to 18th January 2018)

CMB SA have sold their Capesize “Mineral Beijing” 174/2004 Shanghai Waigaoqiao with DD 05/2020, to Chinese buyers at undisclosed price ideas with BBB. Note that back in October we had the sale of the one year older “CSK Fortune” 175/2003 Shanghai Waigaoqiao

Nissen Kaiun have committed their Kamsarmax “Crystal Star” 83/2014 Sanoyas with DD 06/2019, to Greeks clients of Chronos at levels USD 24.5 mill please note the vessel is Eco design and BWTS fitted. Note that the two years youngers “Karlovasi” 82/2016 Oshima was sold back in November at levels USD 28 mill.

Baltic Indices (Friday Closing Values) Lomar Corp have sold…..

Source: Advanced Shipping & Trading S.A.

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WEEK 03 | Tuesday 22tnd January 2019

More and more tanker Owners are consolidating, in a bid to achieve econo-
mies of scale and take advantage of the benefits. However, a merger or an
acquisition is concluded for a number of reasons, depending on the aim of
the parties involved. The past year was evidently active in the product tank-
er sector, going beyond few minor transactions. To be precise, we are about
to see the formation of some of the world’s largest owners and operators…..

Source: Intermodal

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