Weekly Market Reports – Week 43 (2019)

28 October 2019

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Take a look below at our Shipbrokers’ Weekly Market Reports for Week 42 of 2019:

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Allied ShipBroking

21st October – 25th October 2019 | Week 43

Market Analysis

Taking a focused look at the dry bulk and tanker sectors, characterizing the chain of events that have transpired during 2019 as “bizarre” would be a polite term to say the least. Even though we still have two months to go before the close of the year and from experience being yet too early to say whether we have seen all that one can see, it is as good time as any to tale a quick look as to where we stand right now. After a 9-month period, in which we witnessed both long term highs and lows, the dry bulk sector seems to be currently enjoying maybe the most stable month since the beginning of the year. This is all measured using the relative standard deviation metric…..

Source: Allied ShipBroking

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Week 43 | 25th October 2019

Fuelling the Future

Back in May we discussed the IMO’s plan to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030 and GHG emissions by 50% by 2050 (compared to 2008 levels). LNG propulsion, whilst by no means perfect, appeared to offer the best route to towards meeting the IMO’s targets. Since then, LNG has gained popularity with more orders placed across the sectors, most notably for containerships, whilst new orders for tankers and bulkers have also emerged. If an owner is to order a ship today, what should they invest in? Will investing in LNG propulsion today give an owner first mover advantage, or lead to a technological or economic…..

Source: Gibsons

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Advanced Shipping & Trading

Advanced Shipping & Trading S.A.

WEEK 43 (18th October to 25th October 2018)

Plenty of sales to report this week, starting with Larus who sold their Mini Cape “Niki” 102/2006 2 Mai, Romania (SS 06/2020 & DD 05/2020) to UAE buyers at a price of USD 11 mill.

Murakami Sekiyu have sold their BWTS fitted Ultramax “Shiny Halo” 61/2011 Shin Kasado, Japan (SS/DD 01/2021) to Greek buyers at USD 16,7 mill. Last similar sale of such vessel was back in August when the one-year-younger M/V “Navios Oriana” 61/2012 Iwagi, Japan was sold for…..

Source: Advanced Shipping & Trading S.A.

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WEEK 43 | Tuesday 29th October 2019

During the past few weeks we have witnessed the shipping industry focusing primarily on the wet sector, which is absolutely normal as after many years we saw freight rates on tankers, especially on big tonnage vessels, reaching astonishing levels with some cases like the VLs for specific routes surpassing the $300,000/day. The improved market conditions have caused shipowners to ask for higher values in both the SnP and freight markets within a short period of time. This increase on rates was caused by a number of global…..

Source: Intermodal

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